Shanie and Yossi moved to Mexico on a whim to adventure for a while before moving to Miami. What they thought would be a 2-4 month trip turned into a year and a half! While basing themselves in Mexico City, Shanie and Yossi would travel almost every weekend by car to another Pueblo Mágico
(magical village) in the states around Mexico City.
While wander lusting one weekend in August 2018, they met Saul on the street in a village two hours outside of Mexico City. He was hand making a hammock on the road and they started a conversation with him. Little did they know this would change both Saul's and their lives. All Nahlo was born with the vision of making quality handmade products available to the digital world while helping super talented artisans like Saul, be acknowledged for their work and earn a living that could change their lives. Some of the products that are a part of our collections are things they have in their homes themselves, while others are a team effort
in innovating with the techniques they are already familiar with.
In just a few months they have become quite close with the artisans. They teach Shanie & Yossi a lot about minimalism, family, and care for natural raw materials, while the artisans and their families learn about modernity, business, and personal/professional growth; bringing the two worlds closer together and minimizing the gap between us all.