Meet Your Artisans

Our artisan discovery process is unique in that we seek to find talent in unexpected places. We take pride in the time we spend getting to know our artisans. We look for talented individuals who pour heart into their designs and final products, and who seek to help their communities by training local neighbors who are unemployed.

Saul’s Story

Saul's strong past is what makes him a truly special artist and soul. As a young boy from a village in Guerrero, Mexico, Saul was taught the technique of macrame by his father. He has now been working in his craft for over 40 years. As he never had the opportunity to go to University, he has relied on his ability to make beautifully crafted pieces made of 100% eco cotton yarn and rope in order for him and his family to make a living.

Saul's wife works as a baker for their village. She bakes in a big stone oven which they have outside their home. She provides not only for her family, but for the whole village as well. Every week, when her breads are ready and the whole street smells of amazing homemade artisanal baked goods, a loudspeaker sounds at the church, announcing to the locals that there is fresh bread available for purchase. They both work incredibly hard to make life a little easier for their immediate and extended family. Saul even traveled to America to work for 3 years in order to make enough money to buy a home. Once he got back, he bought the house, and they continued in their artistic professions.

Unfortunately, Saul's village has 11,000 people with no running water. Weekly, tanks of water are brought to the village and rationed out for the families to use sparingly. Most of the men from the village leave during the week to work while the women stay home with the kids with not much to do. This is why the majority of the people working with All Nahlo are women. Together with All Nahlo, Saul is able to teach his craft to unemployed people in his hometown so that they can earn money as well.

Saul takes great pride in his work ethic and aims at being a role model to the people in his town not only by providing work but by showing them that hard work gives you a purpose and a better life. For Saul, his Mexican roots, his family, and his craft are what identifies him. His village is where he was born and raised, it’s where he learned his life’s craft, it’s where his family is, and it’s where he is making a huge difference. A true family man, a righteous artist, this is Saul.